Viveve Vaginal Rejuvenation

Viveve combines RF (radiofrequency) heating with surface cooling to stimulate collagen production deeper in the vaginal wall than lasers can accomplish.

Viveve is an innovative, minimally-invasive treatment for vaginal laxity. Viveve remains an industry leader and global innovator, specializing in women’s health, wellness, and aesthetic enhancement technology, making them the perfect fit for My Spa & Laser Center and our clients. We’re happy to incorporate Viveve into our suite of aesthetic enhancement services.

Cryogen-Cooled Monopolar RF (CMRF) Technology

We feature advanced procedural techniques that our highly trained staff learned during advanced training in Las Vegas with the top board-certified OB/GYN in the US. We believe in providing minimally-invasive treatments for patients who seek alternatives to surgery and require little to no downtime.

Tissue strengthening and tightening requires substantial, sustained heating at a precise depth. Viveve incorporates cryogen-cooled monopolar radiofrequency (CMRF) technology which delivers consistent volumetric heat . This uniform heat stimulates lasting neocollagenesis (building of new collagen). In just one Viveve session at My Spa & Laser Center of Forney & Rockwall you will enjoy results that continue to build months after your treatment.

How Viveve Works

Viveve delivers RF energy deep into soft tissue while protecting the delicate surface tissue and surrounding structures. Viveve is the first in its class to complete a totally randomized, placebo-controlled study, which showed significant change in patients and exhibited supreme safety. My Spa & Laser Center is proud to offer Viveve, a company that continues expand its range of uses and applications through diligent research and development.

Viveve In-Depth

The procedure is virtually pain-free, incredibly fast, and with zero downtime attached.

There are 3 Phases to the Pulse:

  • Cools and Protects — delivery of cryogen cools vaginal mucosa
  • Delivers Low RF Heat — heats submucosal tissue
  • Cools and Protects Again — delivering cryogen to cool vaginal mucosa

RF energy delivered precisely to submucosal tissues ultimately ends in collagen production. Within approximately 30 days, cells within the tissue begin to activate, however most clients report instant results and improvement in Stress Urinary Incontinence, Vaginal Laxity, Increased Orgasm & Moisture. This restorative process continues over the course of 90 days after treatment, stimulating your body’s own collagen production process without any damage to surrounding tissue.

The best part is you just need 1 treatment and the results last up to 18 months for Only $3000 Members….ONLY $2400

ClearLift Women’s Renew Compliments Viveve

As we get older our skin starts to sag as we lose collagen and our vagina is no different. Many women come to us looking for a vaginal lift – and luckily we offer options that are non-surgical, pain free, and requires absolutely no downtime.
Historically, for a long time, surgery was the only option for women for vaginal tightening and vaginal lifting. Luckily modern medicine is always advancing and going under the knife is no longer the only option – we offer two different services for this now! The ClearLift Renew is our procedure to treat outside labia to tighten and lift for a younger firmer external appearance and compliments our Viveve treatment, which has amazing results for internal vaginal rejuvenation.
$150 per treatment or $625 for a series of 6 treatments

Compassionate Care

My Spa & Laser Center of Forney & Rockwall provides a comfortable setting and a relaxed atmosphere where you can be free to be you. Together, we’ll determine an ambitious set of goals for your aesthetic enhancement journey.

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